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Is it Worth Lifting a 2wd Truck? | pros and cons of lifting a 2wd truck

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Modifying your truck according to your needs is worth. So lifting a two wheel truck is not a problem. It’s worth it. But with lifting you have to expect pros as well as cons.

In this article we’ll discuss everything you should know before lifting your 2wd truck.

With lifting a 2wd truck you get more ground clearance, more space for bigger tyres and good road presence. But with bigger tyres MPG may reduce. Handling, braking and comfort may reduce. Let’s see about these things in more detail.


Is it worth lifting a 2WD truck

There are many reasons for lifting a truck. If you have bad weather conditions for most part of the year or you have to drive your truck on bad road conditions you may have to lift your truck to beat the road.

Most of the time even when you drive off the pavement you may not need 4WD if you are not doing serious off roading. That’s the truth. I know many 4wd owners who have used 4WD mode just three or four times. 

So if you don’t use 4WD for your work it’s best to use a 2WD truck. Even if you use a 2WD truck that doesn’t mean you can’t get the other capabilities of a 4WD truck, like the ground clearance.

That means according to your needs, it’s better to lift and use a 2WD truck than using a 4WD truck that never puts it on 4WD mode. But you have to keep in mind that there are cons also. We’ll discuss pros and cons next.

Pros of lifting a 2WD truck

Increased ground clearance

This is a major reason most of the 2WD owners are looking to lift their truck. Even if you don’t need a 4WD truck for your roads you may find it hard to drive through some roads due to low ground clearance.

It’s normal to have a low ground clearance in 2WD trucks than 4WD trucks.

You can drive your truck over curbs instead of around. You can drive through puddles that are deeper than without lift kits.

So you can increase your ground clearance from a few inches easily by lifting it. But before lifting you have to consider many things. We’ll discuss them later in this post.

More space for bigger tires

With the lifting of your truck you get this extra space for bigger tyres. With bigger tyres you can get more ground clearance, more traction. 

Good road presence

With the lift kit and bigger tyres you get a good road presence. Some truck owners are looking to lift their truck only for this reason. 

Actually for those who just need to ride their truck on the street and not doing any off-roading, this is the best option. They can get a 2WD truck and do some modifications like lifting and fitting bigger tyres.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s better to modify a 2WD truck and ride it than riding a 4WD truck that is not using 4WD mode.

Feasibility for tall drivers

With the increasing height you may get few other benefits. Tall drivers find it easy to get in and out. 

As a side benefit you may not hurt by lights of other vehicles refracting through mirrors at night.

Cons of lifting a 2WD truck

Actually there are a lot of cons in lifting a truck.

Handling and comfort.

With lifting handling on pavements will be difficult. Due to the raising of the point of gravity, taking bends in high speeds will be difficult. Vehicle may ride like a boat.

If you do not choose a good lift kit comfort will reduce. All the holes and ramps will feel to the cabin when driving on pavement.


If you fit bigger tires after lifting, your fuel consumption will increase. So MPG is going to reduce.

Wearing of parts.

With lifting more tension will apply to parts like ball joints, controlling arms, drive shafts. So they tend to wear and break easily. You have to maintain the vehicle properly.


After lifting your truck, towing may be tricky. If you are going tow travel trailers or boats with your truck you have to think about towing capability of your truck before lifting it.

Lifting without proper technical knowledge may lead to destroy the towing capability of your truck.

Resale value reduce

Normally with lifting resale values of vehicles reduce regardless of it is a 2wd or 4wd. So if you concern about reselling value you have to think about it before lifting.

What you should consider when lifting a 2wd truck.

As I mentioned at the beginning you have to think about your needs. If you want to beat your rough roads or rough climate conditions or else you just want the look of your truck you can lift your 2WD truck. 

When lifting first you have to think what amount of lift do I need. Lifting unnecessarily or without thinking of geometry only gives you troubles. 

If you are going to fit bigger tyres, you should re-gear your vehicle. Otherwise you can’t get the maximum power output of your engine. You’ll waste your engine power.

With bigger tires re-gearing is a must.

Final words

Now I told you about the pros and cons of lifting your truck. So what do you think? Is it worth lifting a 2wd truck?

Well, that depends on your needs. My opinion is if you need to lift your truck, do it. Because it’s your truck. You don’t have to worry about what others think. You can do what you like. 

Maybe you want to do it just for the look or it may be due to your need of beating rough road conditions.

But be sure to do your lifting in the proper way with supervision of professionals. Otherwise you will end up destroying the capabilities of your truck.

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Peace !!    

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